DCTransistor logo: A version of the DC flag designed to look like it is printed on PCB. 
				Each of the two bars has three 'LEDs' on it, one for each metro line, with copper traces connecting the LEDs.

Terms and Privacy

What we're both getting into and agreeing to

Privacy Policy

The privacy of my visitors and potential board customers is extremely important to me. This Privacy Policy outlines the types of personal information that is received and collected and how it is used.

To the best of my ability, I collect the least amount of information necessary. I want you to enjoy your board - I don’t really need to know anything about you beyond what it is necessary to sell you that board. This site does not have any built-in trackers or ways for me to know you were here. I may add a Google analytics tracker at some point to better understand how many people are visiting this website and get some understanding of potential customers. If I do so, this page will be updated.

In general, any information you provide for waitlist, sales, or marketing purposes will not be shared or sold with anyone outside the services I use to run this website and service. I will only share the information needed to provide you with up-to-date information or complete an order, and will delete it soon after it is no longer necessary. While I will try to keep this page up-to-date with the different services I use and how I use them, that level of detail may not be feasible when I start taking orders and distributing boards. As a result, by using this website, providing information to me, or purchasing a board, you agree to the terms and conditions of whichever services I use as necessary for the purposes you provided the information. If you want me to delete any data that I have not done automatically, contact me.


I am currently collecting waitlist information through a Google form. As a result, when you visit the waitlist page, Google will likely know that you visited this website and that page. Further, Google may collect some information about your computer when you submit a form. Because the form goes to a paid Google Workspace account, Google should not be able to see any responses you submit. I only see what information you volunteer to submit in the form, and will delete all data from the form after everyone on the waitlist is contacted with sales information. Further, all emails are provided through a paid Google Workspace account, which should not be readable by Google other than to provide me access to my account. Based on information provided by Google, an independent auditor (EY) verified Google Workspace privacy practices are compliant with multiple frameworks that require that customer data (what you share with me) belong to customers and are not used for anything other than to provide services to those customers.


This site is hosted on GitHub pages. As result, GitHub (owned by Microsoft) can view, and likely logs, information about your traffic to this site. This information generally includes:

  • Internet Protocol (IP) addresses
  • Types of browser
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)
  • Date and time you visited
  • Referring and exit pages
  • Number of clicks

GitHub’s privacy statement, sparsely mentions that they may collect information, including IP addresses, from you by visiting this site.


When you use a board, your board will connect to a WMATA API server, providing WMATA with the public IP address of the network the board is on. In addition, if you do not change the default WMATA API key I provide, your board will contribute to an aggregated view of WMATA API use across all boards I sell. In practice, this will only let me know that you have connected your board to WMATA and which country you have connected it from. You can also create your own WMATA key and put it onto your board to see the data for yourself.

Licenses and Terms-of-Use

This website and the dctransistor boards are Copyright (C) Logan Arkema 2022 for all original works. I am sharing the project under free and open-source licenses for community members who want to create their own projects with WMATA’s API or use my board schematics for similar projects.


This website is provided under a MIT license, and is based on the Hydra Template, which is also provided under an MIT license. Feel free to to use my website as the basis for your own, but do not imitate the actual content of this website in an attempt to impersonate or recreate this website for fraudulent or misleading purposes.


I’ve licensed the boards themselves with a dual-licensing structure. An MIT license for the software (do what you want with it) and a Creative Commons-Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 license for the board design and schematics. More information is in the project’s license file. If you have questions, contact me.

The board software relies on a number of libraries and firmware, each of which is listed in the project’s bill of materials.

WMATA Licenses

This board is powered by data provided by WMATA’s API, and I am using that data in compliance with WMATA’s Developer License Agreement / Transit Data Terms of Use.

The WMATA Metrorail System Map is (C) 2019 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority ( (C) 2022 for map showing silver line extension and potomac yard station), and I make no claims on the original system map. The derived translation of the map onto programmable circuit board (PCB) with light-emitting-diode (LED) station displays is (C) Logan Arkema 2022.