DCTransistor logo: A version of the DC flag designed to look like it is printed on PCB. 
				Each of the two bars has three 'LEDs' on it, one for each metro line, with copper traces connecting the LEDs.

Live LED Map of the DC Metro System

View real-time train positions on a 1' x 1' PCB display

Available Late Summer 2022

Picture of a dctransistor board.

1st Board Auction

I'm auctioning off the first ever working board to support abortion access and our migrant neighbors here in the DMV. 100% of the auction sale will go to DC Abortion Fund and local mutual aid efforts to support their work in the area.

A development dctransistor board, with jumper wires connecting to chip through-holes,
				no battery pack, and soldering material in the background.

Completely Open Source, Made for the Community

The source code, artwork files, and PCB schematic files are (or will soon be) publicly available for anyone to customize or order themselves (for non-commercial use).

DCTransistor board running software that creates a rainbow pattern. It is surrounded by a dark / black background.

Live Train data from WMATA on RGB LEDs

DCTransistor connects to WMATA's API every 20 seconds to get live positions for each train. RGB LEDs change colors to show which line each train is on. See how it works.

GIF of dctransistor board with LEDs moving to represent changing train positions.

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