DCTransistor logo: A version of the DC flag designed to look like it is printed on PCB. 
				Each of the two bars has three 'LEDs' on it, one for each metro line, with copper traces connecting the LEDs.

Live LED Map of the DC Metro System

View real-time train positions on a 1' x 1' PCB display

Picture of a Bidirectional DCTransistor board.

Live Train data from WMATA on RGB LEDs

DCTransistor updates with live train positions every 20 seconds. RGB LEDs change colors to show the line of each train. See how it works.

GIF of Bidirectional DCTransistor Board with LEDs moving to represent changing train positions.
Bidirectional Board showing live train positions (sped up)

Completely Open Source. 20% of Sales Returned to the Community

The source code, artwork, order processing code, and PCB schematic and design are publicly available for anyone to view and customize. Boards can purchased for as low as $50 to keep them accessible for anyone who wants one.

20% of all board sales are returned to Open Source projects that make DCTransistor possible and to local DC Community Organizations. See the pricing breakdown for each board.

Standard DCTransistor Board turned on and showing live train positions using a single LED at each station. LEDs are lit up to match the color of the train line.
Standard Board image showing high(er) fidelity LED colors than what GIFs capture.

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Standard DCTransistor Board in an animated gif to show how LEDs change to show live train positions
Standard Board gif showing live train positions (sped up).

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