DCTransistor logo: A version of the DC flag designed to look like it is printed on PCB. 
				Each of the two bars has three 'LEDs' on it, one for each metro line, with copper traces connecting the LEDs.

Ways to Get a Board

The Short Answer: Wait or Pay Up.

Longer Answers

Well that's rude, what do you mean?
Production boards aren't done yet, but you can sing up for the waitlist. Alternatively, I'm auctioning the 1st ever board to raise mutual aid funds, and you can bid on that if you want one before anyone else.
I didn't win the auction and I want a board now.
In addition to the auction board, there are a handful of other ready-to-go boards that came with the prototype batch. If you're interested in buying one, reach out to orders@dctransistor.com and we can discuss a sale price (it will not be lower than $150).
When will production boards be ready?
I'm still making adjustments from the prototype batch, but I aim to start taking orders in late August or September start shipping them out sometime in September.

How much will they cost?
Price is still being finalized, but likely in the $60-$100 range.